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Can't connect to Redmine Server.

Please check with your system administrator Redmine server is reachable from the external network.
You must enable the REST API.
To enable the API-style authentication, you have to check Enable REST API in Administration -> Settings -> Authentication.
In the case of self-signed certificate, you will connect error that it is not installed on the iPhone / Android. Please refer to the FAQ below for installation instructions.

Issues are not displayed

The problem of issues not being displayed due to failure of the Redmine Backlogs plugin is being reported. Issues are displayed normally when the Backlogs plugin is changed to the newest version, v1.0.3, or lower.

Ticket and editing errors in Redmine2.4.0

There is a bug in the request of the REST API GET method other than an error in the Redmine2.4.0. Please update because it is corrected in Redmine2.4.1.

Connecting via a Self-Signed Certificate.

Check here if the iPhone.
If a Self-Signed Certificate is installed into an Android as a "reliable certificate," connection will be enabled.
After a *Self-Signed Certificate is set through an connectable web server using an iPhone / Android so that it is ready to be downloaded, it will be installed by accessing the URL given for the Self-Signed Certificate with the iPhone / Android.
*Allowed formats include; der, pkcs12, pfx

You can check the following operations a self-certificate.
iPhone : [Settings] > [General] > [Profiles] > [Configuration Profiles]
Android : [Settings] > [Security] > [Trusted cerdentials]

Projects do not display more than 100.

It will be supported in the future.
It is scheduled for after the release of Redmine v2.5.0.

I want to connect with Basic authentication

Please connect by entering the user and password basic authentication in the URL.

What versions of Redmine are supported?

We recommend v2.1 and above. With older versions the API is not supported, so it might not function properly. We recommend using the latest version.

The data for User, Version, Category, etc. is out of date.

When the Redmine server-side is updated, the data needs to be synchronized. Please synchronize the data with Setting -> Option Setting -> ListData Setting.